• Scaling Performance on Facebook

    Tempcover provides temporary insurance policies available up to 28 days across a wide range of products, from automobiles to homes. Although the company’s paid search campaigns were driving leads and showing returns on investment, its paid social channels—particularly Facebook—needed development to reach the same levels of success.

    Better leveraging the intent of their search program was another big reason Tempcover wanted to explore social channels and grow the top of the funnel.

    As Tempcover’s ideal customer is only in-market for a short period of time, and with Facebook’s Ads Manager tool not providing an effective way to reach these in-market audiences with interest, behavior, or demographic targeting, executing ROI driven Facebook ad campaigns proved challenging. Beyond standard custom audience remarketing, Tempcover was hesitant to shift significant budget towards paid social unless they were confident about hitting their revenue and performance goals.

“Marin’s expert guidance was invaluable in improving our performance across the board. By allowing us to connect the power of search intent with the depth and precision of Facebook advertising, we were able to put our audience targeting into high gear and exceed all our goals.”

– Dan Morris / Marketing Director / TempCover

  • Reaching In-market Audiences on Facebook with Marin Search Intent

    Tempcover turned to Marin’s cross-channel solutions to explore ways to bridge paid search and social channels. Marin Search Intent Audiences was a natural fit, allowing Tempcover to capture intent signals from prospective customer queries on Google and use them to power full-funnel audience segmentation on Facebook.

    Working closely with Marin’s team of cross-channel media buying experts, they deployed an innovative strategy on Marin’s advertising platform.

    • Segmented Search Intent Audiences of people in-market for car, van, and motorbike insurance by time duration, e.g., day, week, or month
    • Measured each touchpoint to conversion across channels and devices using TruePath attribution reports
    • Unified messaging with Search Intent Creative to align copy in Website Conversion Campaigns on Facebook to text ads on Google
  • Results

    Tempcover was able to successfully increase its volume of conversions while meeting aggressive margin goals and decreasing costs. The numbers speak for themselves.

    • 33% higher margin with Search Intent Audiences compared to Custom Audience retargeting
    • 215% higher margin as a whole on Facebook above the initial goal
    • 40% increase in ROI by transitioning from standard custom audience retargeting to Search Intent Audiences
  • About Tempcover

    Tempcover Ltd is the UK’s largest temporary and short-term insurance provider. They’re an FCA-registered company who specialize in providing temporary and short-term motor insurance for different circumstances, including cars, vans, learner drivers, and even impounded.